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William Ford II
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Twitter RP accounts: @XehanortBIA @TrancyBIA @NiGHTsBIA @BIAalphaSora @BIAlchemistRP @CronaBIA @ZelgoBIA @PohatuBIA @XIVZBIAWSE @BIAKinkRP

Internet Family:
Starfighter101 (brother)
Otherstuff123 (daughter)

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Nintendo 3DS Friend Code: 4742-4902-6064
I provide a Dark type friend safari for Pokémon X and Y.

Pokémon I provide:

Me: I'm William Duncan Ford II. I'm probably one of the craziest people you'll meet. But I'm crazy in a good way. Don't take this wrong way, But I am a lot of levels of awesome-ness.

I'm also autistic. Aspergers syndrome to be more specific. It is NOT pronounced as Ass-Burgers! Get that through your heads right now or I will throw burgers at you and sit on a chair using my ass.

Also: I am Bi-sexual. I am going to put that out right now. To be more specific: I am Bi-Hetero. This means I am Bi, but I lean more towards females for my attraction.

Now you know why there are so many male characters in latex in my gallery.

How I started drawing:
I really did not start drawing until I was until in 5th grade. up until the start of tenth grade, I kept using lined paper for everything. I even did some Stick figure comics during Middle school (minor note: My former school counted 5 - 8 as middle and 9 - 12 as high). After I got off of Lined paper, I went to Graphing paper. I had officialy decieded Lined was an eye sore. I did a fair amount of drawings then. But soon I ultimately Switched to normal printer paper. Anime has pretty much been the only thing I can draw. over the years my Anime drawings Slowly improved. I am still getting better, but basically I have always liked Anime. you can see what i like through drawings and my interests. alright, thats enough for now. I will put things up in my journals.

I'm going to make another RP account, who do you think I should be? 

1 deviant said Gamagorri
No deviants said Ryuko (genderbent)
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Journal Entry: Sat Aug 30, 2014, 6:38 AM
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Disturbed
  • Watching: Kill La Kill/Noragami
  • Playing: Pokemon X and Y/Dark Souls
  • Eating: Spaghetti
  • Drinking: Kool-Aid
AND HE PRAYS!!! :iconskeletorplz:.... well that was a random intro. I finally got the masuda method to work for me in Pokemon X. My game was like: Yo Dawg I heard you like Gourgeist so here's a shiny pumpkaboo. it was a male, so I named it Brandon. Why did I name it Brandon? ABrandonToThePast... he is a hilarious Pokemon YouTuber and his second favorite shiny Kalos Pokemon is Gourgeist (I think, correct me if I am wrong). This isn't the first time I've done a YouTuber theme name. I've got a Linoone named Mark (Markiplier). I've also got a Wartortle named PewDiePlier (isn't it obvious?..... *sighs* PewDiePie and Markiplier). And I have a Jumpluff named Haner (named after Jwittz's hoppip Hane).

I also finally got the maranga berry. I could mix them together to.... or is that the Starf and Lanstat berry combo that gives the level boost?

Dark Souls New Game+ is going good so far. I beat Sif and Pinwheel with ease and I accidentally killed patches again. Yup, Patches has zilch for luck in Dark Souls. This ain't Demon's Souls man. But I blew my chance to join the Dark Wraiths during this play through. I'm going to join them in New Game++.

Now pardon me while I go pet Crossbreed Priscilla's tail.

Update: So I just remembered that the entire Kingdom hearts story is sitting on a potential Time Paradox that could undo the whole series. In that case, XIV-Z now takes place in alternate universe to my story self's universe. That will be all :iconzodplz: aaaaaaand... Zod for no reason :iconnostalgiacriticplz: and nostalgia critic for no reason. :iconangryjoeplz: and angry joe for no reason. :iconavgn-plz: And the Angry Video Game Nerd for no reason.

Update: So yeah, as of this update, I watched Dexter's Rude Removal. Yes, it is on YouTube and that was the episode. Honestly, the episode stinks. I only slightly chuckled at the swearing and that was out of pity. So if you don't know what it is, it's episode of the show Dexter's Laboratory written with swear words in it... censored swear words. Basically, Dex builds a machine that removes rudeness and contains it. Deedee and Dex get into the machine and activate it by accident and create rude doppelgangers of themselves that swear every two seconds and that's the only thing they do differently. It's very irritating on all ends of the spectrum. And then the dopplegangers make a mess of the kitchen, swear at the mom with her fainting (that Cliche where a character faints after hearing something obscene), and then they sort of destroy Dex's lab. Then Dex and Deedee trap them in the machine and put their rudeness back in them and Dexter F-bombs right at the end because his mom is about to wash his mouth out with soap.

So first problem: This is the freaking "Hero accidentally makes an Evil doppelganger" plot with nothing unique to it. I've seen this plot in Jimmy neutron, Johnny Test, Fairly odd Parents, Spongebob Square pants and countless other shows I can't name off the top of my head right now.

Second Problem: The swearing is nothing but a Gimmick. And every single Damn swear world is FUCKING CENSORED. Rude Dex and Deedee spam the words and all you hear is BEEEEEEEEP. It's get's on your nerves pretty quickly. I honestly thought that the writers were just faking the swearing until they let an F-Bomb slip from rude Dexter. And by the way, the only time you see a middle finger is in the title card from rude Deedee. You can barely tell that it is a middle finger by the way.

Third Problem: The episode is boring. The clones don't do anything besides wrecking the place which Dex and Deedee do on a regular basis. Now you could of had the rude's beat up Dex and Deedee and show some blood. That would of made things more interesting as the rude's would actually pose a threat. But nope, they just do the standard stuff. Nothing interesting. For pete's sake, Dexter is more destructive than the rude's without even trying. He once destroyed his lab but triggering the security system with a french phrase he got stuck in his head by accident.

Fourth problem: WHERE IS THE HUMOR!?!? Swearing on it's own is not funny. "wrecking the place because your bad" is not funny either. Washing someone's mouth out with Soap is not Funny. Dexter and Deedee fighting just because they're irritated with each other is not funny. THERE IS NO HUMOR IN THIS EPISODE! Seriously, I didn't laugh once. All the episode got from me was a pity chuckle.

Fifth problem: Dex and Deedee become Dumb asses when they get their rudeness removed. I've seen this happen so many times in cartoons. Whenever a character get's a negative trait removed, they become stupid most of the time. And don't give me that "They're just being nice..." Argument. Nice Dex and Deedee are legitimately stupid.

Why did cartoon network keep this a secret again? It can't because of the swearing. it is heavily censored and kids regulary hear the parents, friends, or older siblings swear every day.

I hereby dub this episode an Animated Atrocity. You're honestly better off not watching this episode because of how terrible it is.

Yes, that was a reference to Mr. Enter (he doesn't say "I hereby dub...", That is what I say). Check out his DA page :iconmrenter: and his you tube channel. I highly recommend it.

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Blackironalchemist Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It's not scary, it's disturbing. And it does not give me nightmares.

By the way: I don't consider nightmares to be nightmares, I consider them to be serious dreams.
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