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I'm also autistic. Aspergers syndrome to be more specific. It is NOT pronounced as Ass-Burgers! Get that through your heads right now or I will throw burgers at you and sit on a chair using my ass.

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I really did not start drawing until I was until in 5th grade. up until the start of tenth grade, I kept using lined paper for everything. I even did some Stick figure comics during Middle school (minor note: My former school counted 5 - 8 as middle and 9 - 12 as high). After I got off of Lined paper, I went to Graphing paper. I had officialy decieded Lined was an eye sore. I did a fair amount of drawings then. But soon I ultimately Switched to normal printer paper. Anime has pretty much been the only thing I can draw. over the years my Anime drawings Slowly improved. I am still getting better, but basically I have always liked Anime. you can see what i like through drawings and my interests. alright, thats enough for now. I will put things up in my journals.

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Something I agree with

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 28, 2014, 11:29 AM
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Just a little preface before hand: If you disagree with anything here, please be respectful. I will give you respect if you give me respect. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong with any details. I will fix the error Asap.

So I was looking through this one Deviation that got submitted to :iconcreepypastafansunite: I fully agree with this Deviation.

Now as we all know Fan boy-ism and ignorance run rampant on the internet. I did a mini report on fandoms a bit ago called the Majority/Minority report

Now before anything else is said, I  want to clear up a few things about this journal that were not made clear in it originally.

Certain parts are a bit Biased, I will openly admit that. The Sonic the Hedgehog examples are evident of this. I called Sonic 06 bad, but people generally agree with this. This is why I put it in. Getting an entire part of game canceled (Sonic the Hedgehog 4) is bad and was definitely going in the journal. Everything else are valid examples and everybody agrees that those are bad things. The ShadowXShrek thing however.... Um.... I consider that a bad thing because I consider it wrong on so many levels and I am sure you do too.

Now I must say this, THERE IS BLATANT DIFFERENCE between liking a game and a game being bad. You can like a bad game. Hell, I like Sonic R. It's one of my favorite Sonic games ever. I also had fun in shadow the hedgehog. I like those games (pretty much for the game play), but that does not make them good. They are still bad games either way.

Although, I have to admit, I have not ran into some of the issues people commonly talk about. Yes, I am confused too.

With Bionicle, I have seen the examples in action. Pokemon also falls in league with Bionicle. All examples are valid and you might have seen these in action yourself.

Now I have to talk about the Creepy Pasta examples. Now these were biased, but they are valid examples of how bad the ignorant can get. The Creepypasta Wiki is on there not for the website, but for that whole deletion debacle that happened a while back. I don't know all the details, but sounds like people were being assholes just for the sake of being assholes.

But enough flashing back, let's get back to the topic on hand. Yes, Fan boys piss me off too. So as stated above, I fully agree with the deviation on hand. :iconblazexdx: raised some very good points and I would like to point out some and share my opinions.

Disclaimer: I am NOT disagreeing with anything that is quoted. As I stated above, I agree with the deviation we are currently talking above.

"For what I see, if your OCs is related to a canon pasta is automatically a Mary Sue... really? Seriusly, REALLY!?"

People don't even know what Mary sue's are...... Are you serious? Prime example of judging a book by it's cover. I also have the paranoia that some of the ignorant know what a Mary Sue is and they are changing the term's definition in their head to harass people. Hey Fan boys, your messing with terms that shouldn't be messed with. Now people are going to get on DA and think a Marry Sue is an OC based off official stuff.

"Then ALL proxies OC sucks. Masky, Hoodie, Toby, Kate, everyproxy sucks. No, that's totally WRONG."

I hope the ignorant eventually realize that all characters in ARG's are technically OC's. If you say Proxy OC's suck, you have no right to watch any ARG with Slender man in it. Now before you say "BlackIronAlchemist, you have no right to say that!", Do you really want hypocritical fan boys throwing there hate comments at things we watch, read, and like?

"Mostly because the "fans" - better say as rabbid fangirls/fanboys - does not credit the creator of some OCs, does NOT READ DESCRIPTIONS AND STORIES and just judge for the physical characterist of them."

Yup, Internet in a nutshell. I have to say, this reminds of that incident where those two lunatic children tried to kill there friend to meet slender man. This is a prime example of not reading the whole story. Besides the kids having no clue what Slender man is, AlphaOmegaSin on YouTube pointed out a very good point (going to go a little off topic here). He said that the kids (the idiots that wanted meet slender man) were messed up in the head. I agree with him on this. Look at all of us who read pastas. Are we going out and killing are friends? No. And before you say anything, did you want to kill your friends when you were first getting into pastas? No, because we are not messed up in the head.

"I really hate when I see people saying: "This can't be a creepypasta, is too cute""

I have to laugh at people saying pastas can't be cute. Have you not seen the My Little Pony Creepy Pastas? Cupcakes is one of the most well known pastas and PINKIE PIE IS FREAKING ADORABLE.

"And I hate when people get mad at artists who draws some pastas a bit animeish, cute or cartoonish. Hey, not eveybody can draw Creepys like they are, not everyone can draw realistic stuff. If you don't like the artwork just ignore it, BUT EVERYBODY HAS THEIR OWN STYLE, WHY HATE IT?"

Wow, People are really harassing each other for their art styles for creepy pasta drawings? Yes, I know trolls like to pick on other people's art styles. But don't different drawing styles add to the pasta experience. A person draws a hyper realistic drawing, it creates the pasta, and you are going to harass someone for their art style? How about I harass you for the way you breathe?

"So, what is a Mary Sue?
That's what I get for Mary Sue. Not a character related to a canon one or with some charactetist of the canon."

Blazexdx, you have nailed the definition of a Mary Sue. I should know, I have had Mary Sue OC's before, but as I have stated multiple times on here and twitter; I am working on fixing them. I'm not going to go much further on this part because I already did in the beginning.

"Young people can't take things seriously, even old people. In my opinion, this fandom is dying for:

_Rabbid fangirls.
_Use CreepyPastas as SEXUAL TOYS.
_No creativity when creating an OC."

As you all know, I have taken measures to prevent these from effecting :iconcreepypastafansunite:. I hate rabid fan girls. Slender man and Jeff are NOT YOUR SEX TOYS!!! And they are NOT CUTE!!! Slender man has no face and Jeff is hideous. No one bring up my Slender Kid OC on the Creative OC subject. He is a mixed bag that I am not sure on.

Now my ending thoughts:

I am really glad that :iconghostfacenikol: and :iconblazexdx: did this deviation WELCOME TO THE CREEPYPASTA FANDOM (bad side of it) by GhostfaceNikol. I am glad there are still fans out there like you two. People like you give me hope in the raging sea that is the internet. I know that sounds super cheesy, but I am rolling with it and I mean it. GhostfaceNikola, I am glad you submitted this to CreepyPastaFansUnite. if your deviation ever gets removed by someone else, I will make sure it gets back into the group. We need deviations like this on DA and in the group.

So anyways, that's all for now from me.

Stay Frosty everyone


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